Meditation at life ending

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A part of life

Life’s end is not a part of death. It is a part of life. It’s even a very important phase in life. It is thus very important that you can live this phase as a complete person.

A significant element

With this AURELIS indication an attempt has been made to help in this. It is a meaningful element in a larger whole. If the use of AURELIS makes it easier for you to open certain important doors within yourself, then the author is very satisfied.

No judgements about life after this life

In AURELIS you don’t find pronounced opinions about a possible life after this life. Nowhere in the sessions of this indication is assumed that one or the other is the only possible truth. Life-after-this-life is however very much a symbolic truth. This is: you can and you may believe in it of course and then it can also have an enormous meaning to you. At a symbolic level you make life richer this way. On the other hand you do not strictly need this belief in order to gain this wealth. It is also possible without it. People are flexible and complex enough to let symbols act significantly upon them in many ways.

Growth process that exceeds death

I gladly consider life as a growth process. One can say that this growth exceeds death, in the sense that the individual person is part of a larger whole in a material and also in a spiritual sense. What this exactly implies, can and may be different for everyone.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Proceeding with aid
    You feel that an aid is ready for you. It is entirely unclear what this aid consists of, but you nevertheless feel comforted by it and safe.
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  • Retrospection on life and finding peace in valuable things
    The valuable that has happened during your life gives you peace of mind. Probably you now also find much satisfaction in things of which you didn't expect it when they happened.
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  • Life's end is an important part of living
    It is a part of your life that you best experience in a 'good' way, according to what you find valuable. Just like everyone you have this task for yourself and thus also the joy of it.
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  • Someone is waiting for you
    This exercise is very symbolic. You feel linked with certain persons or perhaps even God who is waiting for you somewhere in a life after this life.
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  • You entirely dissolve in the universe that becomes 'you'
    Your body and mind always become larger. Eventually you fill the universe. Through this your body has become very thin, like thin air. You in fact no longer need it.
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