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Communication with deeper self

More than anything else, meditation is a communication with your deeper self. But then in such a deep sense that what falls inside or outside this deeper self, actually becomes not really that important anymore.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Oneness with the universe
    Imagine an experience of oneness with everything around you and inside of you. Immeasurable relaxation, immeasurable unity, immeasurable love. The unity encompasses everything so that outside of it, there is nothing.
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  • Playing with colors
    You open yourself completely to colors that spontaneously arise from inside you. In this opening of yourself, you encounter an intense feeling of freedom. Colors come to you with meanings that may translate into changes of yourself.
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  • The inner holy space
    You create inside yourself the possibility of a mental space that has all aspects of a 'holy space' to you, of an inner temple. What makes this space holy to you, is completely dependent upon yourself.
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  • Total relaxation in which something new can grow
    In a very deep relaxation, you finally attain a state in which you feel something new that gives you a very good sensation. At first, it's very unclear what this is, but it possibly becomes clearer afterwards.
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  • A feeling of love that is omnipresent
    A feeling of all-exceeding love, purity and goodness. On an intellectual level, you cannot find an explanation for this feeling existing simultaneously with all the misery in the world, but you may find it in this feeling of love.
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