Making life choices

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A very serious choice

A ‘choice for life’ is a very serious choice that applies to your whole life. For example, whether to buy a certain house or not, whether to get children, which profession to take, etc. It is very important that at such a choice you also call the aid of your deeper self, since you will remain with it your whole life.

Deep motivation and energy

If you roughly make the correct choices, then you will always have deep motivation at your disposal to live with the consequences of those choices. Starting with the correct choice, means you are already far. I assume that you find your own life important enough to take this to heart.

Not immediately a decision

If you use this indication to make an important life choice, then it is positively advisable not to depend on one session to immediately make a decision. Certainly, what you get is important information. If this coincides with other sources of information about yourself (feeling, intuition, rational common sense), then you do well in following this direction. If you get contradictory information, then it is best to invest further time and effort in the correct choice. Do not frivolously go about this.

Deciding on time

Also, do not wait too long with the choice. Often even an important choice has to be made with incomplete information. With this AURELIS indication, you obtain additional information from yourself. This can in any case be very useful, dependent on what you further do with it. It is an instrument in your hands.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • At a river's junction
    You are floating in a small boat on a calm river. You come at a bifurcation, where you know one river is very quiet and the other full of turns and danger (or sensation). You have to make a choice.
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  • Visualisation in the future
    You visualize a future in which an important choice has been made and the consequences of this are present. You can very well examine if the choice for you has been a good choice in view of all the consequences.
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  • Attention for the future that spontaneously comes to you
    In your imagination you let yourself entirely 'loose'. Through this, one or the other future spontaneously comes to you and specifically the future that lies closest to who you really are.
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  • Ask your 'life's guide'
    In your imagination, you encounter yourself, only as a much wiser person than you generally are. This wiser 'me' shows you a guide of your further life course. The choice itself however is left entirely to you as you are now.
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  • Five associations on a line
    You see a very special line before you. At the beginning of this line, you place an important choice. You are standing upon this and you follow five associations that successively rise within you according to this line.
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