Maintaining health

Heal Your Self 

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You are entirely free

Forget each book definition of health. You can choose for yourself what health means to you. You are entirely free. You can be healthy in sickness as well. On the other side, someone who is chronically ill, can at the same time be healthy.

Wider than the absence of illness

Health is in any way wider than the absence of illness. It includes a feeling of physical and mental strength. It includes the possibility to enjoy in a deep way and to change, to perpetually grow.

Another symptom comes in the place

Putting health in a fight against illness, reinforces the fighting back of illness. Perhaps a symptom diminishes then, but another symptom comes in place of it. That way, you can get the impression of fighting against several ‘enemies’. In fact, you are fighting against one person: yourself.

The fighting back of the illness diminishes

Sickness and health go together. This does not mean that in this conception you cannot become ill anymore. But by surpassing the illness in a healthy way, the fighting within yourself will diminish. Then also the fighting back of the illness will not be larger than necessary. This is: you will effectively have less chance to become ill. This applies both to a dragging cold and to serious auto-immune disorders.

True health

In other words, this is a prevention that everyone should seriously think of incorporating in his own life. This is true health.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your body feels as a healthy and powerful body
    You search for a way within yourself to effectively realize health and strength in your own body through this feeling. You can immediately feel it.
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  • Removing waste products or transforming them into useful energy.
    Waste products are both mental and physical products that do not belong with you. With this session, you learn to choose between removing or transforming them.
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  • Under a small waterfall - water of health
    Imagination: you are standing somewhere in nature under a waterfall like under a kind of large shower. You can also drink from it. The pure water rinses your body outside and inside and brings you very much health.
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  • The sleep of health
    During this session you give to yourself a message that unfolds during your sleep. It is a message of health to which your body and deeper mind can work during the whole night.
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  • Normal fluctuations keep you extra healthy
    Fluctuations in how you physically feel and small depressions in your general health help you  become and remain healthier in the long run. With this session you get this support from your deeper self.
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