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Everyday reality

To a manager it is, possibly even more than to others, important to take into account the reality of each day. So, probably the most important aspect of human reality is the part of everyone of us from which our motivations come, our intrinsic objectives, our feeling of sense in life and work, and our reasons to face challenges that reach further than the most direct here and now.

Direct translation into results

These are at first sight ‘soft’ factors, but they are real enough because all ‘hard’ business data are eventually the logical concequences of how these factors are managed. However, many managers cannot cope with them very well and that translates itself directly into the results. Moreover, by putting one’s head in the sand, one does not see the sandstorms that are closing in from several sides at the same time.

Powerful terrain wagon

It is therefore of the largest importance to have an instrument that supports you in an efficient way to an appropriate coping with these factors. The aim of this application of AURELIS is to provide such an instrument. Eventually you have to do it yourself, but it is more advantageous to drive in a powerful terrain wagon than to wander on foot in a desert without indicators.

Most important part of you as a person

‘The biggest strength of a company lies in the people who work there.’ That especially applies to managers. What you reach with AURELIS, is the most important part of you as a person. If you find this ‘hard’ enough to take it into account, then you immediately get a lot of new possibilities.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Heightening self-knowledge as a manager
    Dy doing this, you discover an 'objective self observation' in your function as a manager, without any trace of self condemnation. You can examine with more depth which aspects have a favourable influence on your performances and those of your employees.
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  • In the body of someone whom you admire
    In your imagination you transport yourself into a top manager whom you admire because of his / her capacities. You still feel like yourself, but you react just like that person, making his / her capacities your own from within.
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  • Captain on the ship
    A business game with your own deeper self. As a captain on a three-masted ship, you learn from an original point of view to kindle your own strength of leadership from within yourself as a complete person. You renew contact with your crew, ship and the surrounding elements.
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  • From the viewpoint of a cooperator
    You examine yourself from the point of view of an employee and reach a deeper level of empathy than usual. This can immediately raise surprising questions and possible answers.
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  • Each day again: energy
    With this exercise you open yourself to the energy (deep motivation) that you find in the daily challenges of your position as a manager. You can immediately use this energy to continue carrying out your job happily and at an optimum level.
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