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Proverbial mountains

The term ‘large strength’ perhaps makes you immediately think of will power that can move proverbial mountains. And then you are right too. But will power does not necessarily mean  you have to fight against your own ‘weak mind’. It can also mean the opposite: to cooperate, or better said: to act as one whole, as a very consistent person.

Incomprehensible quantity of energy

In addition to this, that weak mind is in fact not weak at all. In this, is actually hidden the largest strength of yourself. It only seems weak if you see little strength coming from it, but that is the case then because of closed doors. With this AURELIS indication you can open doors within yourself as a result of which you invite your own fantastic strength to realize its possibilities. This happens in a very ‘organic’ way. This is: the strength that in this way you find within yourself, entirely belongs to you. It is no ‘strange monster’. On the contrary: it is pure love, that what is sometimes called ‘soul’. You can notice it for instance with someone who is ‘inspired’ for something and has a quantity of energy for this that seems incomprehensible to others.

Will power and autosuggestion go hand in hand

Will power can move mountains, but where will power and autosuggestion go hand in hand, mountains step aside spontaneously and respectfully. If you are ‘inspired’, then your performance-with-great-power seems to you to happen automatically.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The warmth of the sun warms your deeper core
    You are lying in the sun and you feel how all sun rays that touch your body immediately continue to go deeper to a deep core within you where they contribute to your inner strength and zest for life.
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  • You go along with a vibrating wind that loves you
    The wind that blows around you, is a symbol for the natural strength that blows through you. In this way you are linked to that strength, which is entirely your own strength.
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  • The energetic centre of the universe lies in the centre of yourself
    In search of the energetic center of the universe, you find it during this session where you least expect it: in the center of your own deeper self.
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  • Each step that you make, makes you more powerful
    You find much strength in ordinary walking. You only reach this however, if you are first certain that this makes you more powerful. Also the 'steps' that you put in your life in a strong manner, make you stronger.
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  • The contact with your own largest form of strength
    You perceive a special kind of contact with your largest form of strength. How this happens or what that strength looks like, is completely vague. This is a pure, but very powerful feeling.
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