Infertility (woman)

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Nevertheless fertile

Probably you have already heard of couples who did anything possible in an artificial way in order to get a child, then shortly after quitting all attempts nevertheless turn out to be fertile in a natural way. In medical literature this phenomenon is well-known too.

An extremely meaningful event

Infertility has of course many possible causes and a number of these are best medically examined and treated. Besides this the conception of a child is also an extremely meaningful event. Technical investigations and medicines cannot take this into account.

With AURELIS very intense and focussed

With AURELIS you have the occasion to tackle this side of your fertility problem very intensely and focussed. It’s very difficult to show how important this exactly is on this domain. That meaning plays a big role, is clear though. That role is converted within the subconscious into a physical consequence.

Open the doors within yourself

With AURELIS the attempt is to go very far. I.e.: this is a good aid. However, you yourself have to open the doors within you. If you let yourself be touched by the sessions, then in that way you turn the suggestion into autosuggestion. Through this you make it effective for you. With AURELIS you immediately do even more: you prepare yourself physically and mentally to get a child.

No place for the feeling of guilt

In the AURELIS philosophy there is no place for a feeling of guilt. If in spite of everything you nevertheless get no child, then you know that you have done everything that is possible. A life without (own) child can certainly also be made very fulfilling. There lies your and only your own responsibility.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagination: diving into a pond
    You are near an enormously beautiful, clear and natural pond. You take a dive into the water with your partner. After swimming together you look at the sky and see a cloud that looks like a child and laughs at you. You feel a desire to conceive this child.
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  • The inner acceptance of the child
    Entirely apart from your conscious will (therefore also without guilt) your subconscious can have doubts about having a child. In this session you accept this doubt openly. Through this you heighten the chance of learning to deal with it in a good way.
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  • Preparing your own womb for fecundation
    In your imagination you prepare your womb like a piece of land for fecundation. You also think of this while making love.
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  • Visualisation of becoming one with partner, through which fecundation occurs
    In your imagination you become entirely one with your partner. The presence of this unity and openness towards fecundation is strong.
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  • Through contact with nature anything that obstructs a fecundation disappears
    You can alternate the ideas of this session in imagination and free nature, while you feel the effect it has on your whole body and uterus, both of which react to this, heightening the chance of fecundation.
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Scientific References
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