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Already thousands of ‘cures’

In the course of the past 2000 years, everywhere in the world people have attributed ‘potency-enhancing’ qualities to thousands of pills, potions, powders, etc. Never has one been proven to be effective in scientific studies in which autosuggestion has been taken into account in an appropriate way. Almost all these concoctions ‘work’ more or less, but as mere placebos, through the power of expectancy (suggestion).

A very large influence of (auto)suggestion

Suggestion has a very powerful influence on sexual potency. A real erection (not through the use of medication or artifacts) is even always the result of (auto)suggestion, through for instance the imagination of oneself in a sexually explicit situation, through looking at or thinking about erotic pictures with accompanying associations, through an expectation-of-erection, or through feelings that your partner automatically engenders within you. With AURELIS you can lift this suggestion to a higher and more powerful level.

Indirect control

An erection is an utterly natural phenomenon. Direct control over this is impossible. You can get indirect control but only through letting yourself go more or less. This is frequently a problem in this modern age.

Your natural potency to live

With AURELIS, you work on the symptom of impotence, but not merely on a superficial level. Through the symptom you communicate with your deeper self that lies behind it. This happens in a very intense and directed manner, through which you infuse new life into your own natural potency. The effect of this comes totally from inside yourself, so it is also completely your potency, your power and your ‘inner strength’.

The strength from inside yourself

AURELIS is the opposite of an external method that tears your inner strength away from you and towards itself and in doing so makes you dependent on that method. AURELIS returns the strength that is yours in a natural way to you.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Working through an impotence caused by fear of failure
    Fear of failure can cause and / or perpetuate impotence. In this session, you can work on the needed self-confidence at your own pace. This self-confidence can in turn perpetuate itself.
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  • In search of underlying problems
    With the use of concentrated attention, you search for possible underlying problems causing your sexual impotence. The aim is not to analyze these problems, but to give them your deep attention.
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  • Setting free your fantasy about powerful erections
    Freeing your fantasy is the secret of the most powerful aphrodisiac. Deep relaxation and concentration can significantly enhance this experience.
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  • Projection to the future and ecological validation
    You live in a future image of yourself, when your sexual potency has attained the level that you desire. You feel the advantages and disadvantages of this.
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  • External auto-visualization with strong erection
    You imagine yourself having a powerful erection. Let all your feelings about this run their course, but give more attention to positive feelings, especially those of pleasure and sexual arousal.
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Scientific References
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