Hidden talents

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Talents waiting to be awoken

Everyone has large talents that are present in a sleeping state and waiting to be awoken like a kind of ‘sleeping beauty’ waiting for her prince.

Talents that are difficult to be found within yourself

The act of painting, of which you were fond as a child, the musical instrument that you have always wanted to play, the study of which you thought being capable of but never did… these are all possible talents that perhaps are not absent, but only difficult to be found within yourself.

The best way for you

(Re)finding a talent is only possible if you are open to it and if you are ready for it, too. Perhaps you must plant several seeds to see only one of these grow into a firm tree eventually. Or perhaps planting one seed is enough. Everything is possible. With AURELIS you have an aid to search in an ‘organic’ manner which for you is the best way.

Growth substance for motivation

Developing a talent further, demands much commitment. This is especially a question of motivation. If a talent has firm roots very deeply within you, then you are automatically strongly motivated for it. Beside selecting which seeds give the best roots, this AURELIS indication is also a kind of growth substance for such roots, whether it concerns an old talent that you revitalize, or something in which you have in fact never taken much interest until now.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Reconsidering old talents
    You have in former days probably had a talent that since then, you have not completely developed. You can return to it in your memory and in an animated way, again take up the talent where you left off.
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  • Confidence in the talents that you have
    In yourself you find hidden possibilities to let current talents flourish and thrive in a way you did not consider possible before.
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  • Planting the seeds for new talents
    You plant seeds in the ground for several talents. Some of these do not thrive, but others do and you can fully nourish them.
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  • Your inner teacher shows you the way
    Your inner teacher shows you the way to one or more talents within yourself that are ready to thrive. Through this, you now make decisions that open fantastic ways for you.
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  • On a voyage with one of your possible talents
    You leave on a kind of inner voyage with one of your possible talents. Through this, you become certain that this is a talent you really want and can develop further... or not.
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