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‘Mourning’ is not necessarily negative

‘Mourning’ does not need to be painful. The pain is to a large degree culturally determined. In some cultures, there is no painful connotation at all as there is in the west. Death can be a positive occasion to celebrate life in a broad sense. In the case of a truly meaningful life, death is present within life, not behind or under it.

Unassimilated emotions give problems

Unassimilated emotions can lead to problems with mourning. This does not mean that you have to work with much effort through your emotions. Also the idea that this can only be done with extensive effort is culturally determined. In fact, and in the best case, the processing is very simple and beautiful - enriching to you. An appropriate communication to your  deeper self is of the utmost importance.

No opinion about the afterlife

Nothing in this indication is an opinion about what can happen after death. The question ‘Is there an afterlife?’ is already problematic starting with the word ‘is’. Does one mean with this something material, something purely mental or something else? When ‘is’ something or someone? For this indication however, an answer to this question is of no importance. The sessions are symbolic: they are a kind of communication with your subconscious. How this subconscious relates to the ultimate reality is another question.

The eventual intention: becoming richer as a complete person

The eventual intention of these sessions is that through them, you become richer as a complete person: in the first place richer in joy of living, richer too in deep insight or ‘wisdom’. I call this ‘organic growth’ and to me, the border between life and death forms no obstruction to this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Meeting a deceased person in a fairyland
    An elf leads you to a fairyland where everything is  friendly and you meet the deceased person as someone who has become much wiser through his or her transformation.
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  • You feel the soul of the deceased everywhere
    It does you very well to feel the soul of the deceased being present around you. It is as if that soul has merged into the entire universe. During this session you clearly feel that the deceased has not 'gone away'.
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  • You say farewell completely
    If a part of your soul lags behind with the deceased, then you sometimes die a bit together. You can also prefer to live entirely now - as long as your life lasts. For that purpose you keep your whole soul with yourself.
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  • You send with the wind all your love and support
    In your imagination you send together with the wind all your love and support to the deceased. The rational interpretation of this session depends on you. What the session itself is about, is purely a matter of feelings. 'Love and support' are not bound to any border.
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  • Back to when the deceased still lived
    In your imagination, you return in time to when the deceased still lived. You can hold a good conversation concerning what is important in your relationship and how you can ensure you have no guilt or spite after the death of the other.
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