Heightening your intuition

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Possible for everyone

There are people who are apparently by nature 'blessed' with a powerful intuition. The assumption is often made that this is a congenital quality or 'gift' rather than something that one can develop. According to me, this is totally incorrect. Everyone can heighten his intuition to a large degree. It's never too late to improve this or learn it. Men can do this as well as women, if they get beyond their own preconceptions about this.

Communication with the deeper self

This heightening of intuition cannot be accomplished through merely wanting it. An openness for and communication with the deeper self are necessary. In a certain way, intuitive thinking is even equal to this communication in 2 directions.

Basic faith

To obtain a good intuition, a certain basic faith in yourself is important. If you believe deeply within yourself that this is nothing for you, then you make things very difficult for yourself. It is therefore interesting to just reflect a bit about this now and then and take care that you do not shut out this basic faith.

Intuition is something else then 'looking into the future'

You cannot expect intuition to be infallible. This is no clairvoyance. If you believe in clairvoyance, you can, however, use these exercises to strengthen this. This depends entirely upon you. Intuition lies in any way close to 'clear-feeling', where someone has the possibility to judge others rather correctly, based on his own feelings.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A dream that brings intuition
    In deep relaxation, you are already close to your own dream world. You let pictures related to your intuition spontaneously present themselves. You feel this heighten your intuitive capacities not only now, but throughout the day.
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  • You melt together with your intuitive self
    You encounter yourself in a pleasant way (as a kind of 'alter ego'). This other 'you' is a much more intuitive 'you'. In a special way, you melt together and obtain the intuition that has always belonged to you.
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  • In a country of crystal balls
     You are someplace where many crystal balls are present. Each time you attentively look into a ball, you feel that you also exercise'intuitive looking'.
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  • An old and beautiful woman is your teacher
    You meet a very old yet very beautiful woman. You immediately feel she can teach you a lot about intuition. She doesn't do this by means of knowledge, but by means of feelings and through simply being there.
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  • From meditation to intuition
    You are meditating somewhere in an oriental temple. You are sitting on a cushion, very agreeable, and clearly feel that through this meditation your intuition becomes much stronger.
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