Heart pain

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After the medical investigation

A medical investigation is indicated for each kind of chronic or recurring pain in the region of the heart. Excessive attention to physical aspects however, can as guide you into a wrong direction if no attention at all goes to possible physical factors. Also, if at first there is nothing physically wrong with your heart, eventually the psyche can lead to physical illness. It is therefore, important in all aspects to take this properly into account.

The heart as a symbol

The heart is symbol for 'matters of the heart', but also for life in general. Without heart (and this also both physically and mentally) you do not live. Physical sensations in the region of the heart are never free of deep meaning: deep meaning is a consequence of it, but also deep meaning that leads to it. It is very difficult in this to recognize in an appropriate way the distinction between what is physical and what is mental. The unity of mind and body is very much present and important here. In fact, it is to a certain degree, even meaningless to speak about a distinction.

Mind or body, a choice

The decision to treat heart pain rather mentally or rather physically means to choose for what you find most important, much more than what 'is real'. They are always both real. It turns out wrong when one of these choices (this is: the adherents of it) wants to oppress the other.

With AURELIS: the mental choice

The use of AURELIS doesn't preclude any other treatment. It can be perfectly combined. Certainly concerning your heart, it's important for you to get any help you can. The aim is a happy life, with a healthy heart in every respect. This indication is one supportive element to this end.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Complete freedom in the region of the heart
    The region of and around your heart is entirely open and free of tension. This is a feeling of complete freedom in general. Everything is okay.
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  • A message of powerful love to your heart
    In your thoughts you send a message of powerful love to your heart. This is very supportive and your heart reacts with a similar message. You sense this through a general feeling and a decrease of pain.
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  • Someone who loves you very much
    Someone who loves you very much, looks after your heart. It can be someone you know or have never known. That person takes care of your heart in the best possible way which immediately feels very good.
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  • Very beautiful music heals your heart
    In very beautiful music you find aid and support. Both the composer and the performer speak directly to your heart and you react to this with the certainty that everything that occurs is best for you.
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  • Your heart as a gate to a domain of love and happiness
    You enter your heart and see the presence of a gate towards a very special place of love and happiness. You slowly open the doors and you learn to let those positive feelings flow into your heart. At the same time you can also gain a new insight into a related problem.
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