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A large influence of mental factors

In the laboratory one sees a large influence of mental factors on the immune system. At tests on mice even a substantial effect on the healing process of cancer can be seen. In the human case this is much more complex, but roughly the influence is nevertheless unmistakable.

The immune system is enormously complex

The immune system of animals and people alike is enormously complex. The consequence of an influence is certainly not just a question of more or less action / reaction. With ‘strengthening of the immune system’ an optimalisation of the internal mental climate is meant in which the immune system can reach adapted responses to all kinds of stimuli. That shows itself then in very diverse ways, now by a stronger response in one part of the immune system, then again by a less strong response elsewhere.

Complexity becomes an advantage

The immune system is so complex that a specific and ‘pure’ influence upon it with the use of medication is always enormously difficult and mostly even impossible. This is: each influence upon the immune system is accompanied by many side effects. With AURELIS you approach the immune system in a totally different way, namely from within. This makes its complexity even an advantage. The more complex the system, the better you can intervene with a symbolic approach without paving the way to side effects.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You are worth a strong defense
    You are worth your immune system that proves to be a strong defense for you. This gives you  strength that goes with little or no aggression.
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  • A very flexible and efficient immune system
    You imagine the system to be as efficient as possible. It is also very flexible and only wants the best for you. Through an appropriate communication you can positively influence it if necessary.
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  • Immune body scan: everywhere the appropriate gentle strength
    You follow your attention through your body and feel a tingling softness everywhere. This softness becomes possible through the efficacy of your immune system.
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  • Disconnecting strong emotions from the immune system
    Internal fear and anger can exert a strong unconscious influence on the immune system. For a direct influence on these emotions look at the appropriate indications.
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  • An immune system with knight ideals
    Strong, just, brave, cooperative, without unnecessary aggression. The former knight ideals correspond to an optimal functioning immune system.
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