Hay fever

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Examples of suggestion

Scientific studies have shown that an attack of hay fever in someone who is allergic to for instance roses, can also be provoked by plastic roses. The same attack can be stopped by taking a ‘remedy’ that is wrongfully represented to contain an active substance against hay fever. Both cases are the result of suggestion.

Close connections with the psyche

Hay fever is an allergy, an exaggerated response of the immune system that has very close connections with the nervous system and the psyche. Research even brought to light that the immune system closely cooperates with the nervous system in shaping a part of our memory. The influence of suggestion on allergic phenomena is therefore not astonishing. One not only sees this in the case of hay fever, but also for example in the case of asthma and allergic eczema.

Other indications

Beside this indication, the indication about general allergy is also interesting for people with hay fever (see ‘Allergy – general’), as well as the indication about strengthening of the immune system (see ‘Strengthening of immune system’) and the general relaxations.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Symptoms become thinner and are dispersed
    You don't forcibly stop the symptoms of hay fever, but you accept them, which causes them to spontaneously lose their strength. Slowly, they become thinner and you get a free feeling.
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  • Using the relaxation of your whole body
    With this session you can specifically focus your complete deep relaxation to the 'relaxation' of the mucosa of nose and eyes.
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  • At each breathing the mucosa becomes stronger
    At each inhalation and exhalation you let the mucosa of your nose become more powerful through your positive attention.
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  • Getting powerful emotions out of the mucosa
    In your thoughts you go from within to your mucous membranes and remove all exaggerated powerful emotions.
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  • At acute attack: drowning pollen in a flow of water
    In your imagination the pollen from your nose is washed away by a flow of water. Even before they leave your nose they are already made inoffensive because they drown in the water.
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Scientific References
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