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Woman/man seduces man/woman

These sessions are written for a heterosexual as well as holebi situation and irrespective of which sex the seduction starts. Seducing a man or woman has more resemblances than differences in depth. The person at whom you aim your ‘Cupid’s arrows’, here is called without distinction ‘the other’, ‘your partner’ or ‘your loved one’. These terms are to be interpreted with the necessary flexibility. Of course, a beautiful game of seduction is interesting to start a relation as well as for people who are each other's partner in life for dozens of years already.

No manipulation

Seduction (as taken in these sessions) means a deep motivation, a ‘talking to the soul’ of the other. This is the contrary of manipulation. You find no tricks here. ‘Real seduction’ or sex appeal goes through yourself. You are yourself strongly involved in this. This is no love potion that you pour into the wine of the other, but in that of yourself. Speaking to the soul of the other starts within yourself. This is far away from a manipulative kind of ‘seducing’ whereby one can wonder who actually is fooling whom, who manipulates whom. Anyway, you yourself. The highly praised seduction tricks can lead to fast seduction and then to a just as fast disenchantment or even more terrible: loss of soul. The lying-behind mentality is clearly one of the factors that lead to increasing loneliness and people who are always more desperately in search of a partner. Moreover - probably - also to all kinds of sexual problems: erectile disorders, frigidity, etc.

Deep attention

Deep attention assumes involvement. Therefore also: being attracted to oneself. An important art of real seduction (again: as taken in these sessions) lies in letting the other feel attractive to you from within. The more deeply meant this is, the bigger the attraction. On one further condition: that one also shows this. This last is not as much a conscious action as it is the result of a conscious choice to at least not stand in the way of it.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Always the first time
    The 'first time' means: there is little to nothing standing in the way for a direct experience. No comparisons with previous experiences, a living towards the here and now, a virginal mind.
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  • Openness
    An open attitude in body and mind is a continuous invitation. You are the space in which the other can move. You show this openness in many ways, in an infinitely complex and beautiful game of seduction.
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  • Pendulum of attention and appreciation
    You swing between giving attention/appreciation and being open for the attention/appreciation that you receive from the other. Each time you try to do this from your deeper self.
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  • Cupid's arrows
    You imagine that Cupid aims his arrows at the heart of your loved one and your loved one becomes more amorous of you. This is no self fraud, but a way to aim a real message coming from your heart. The result depends on many factors.
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  • Parallel existence
    In imagination, you follow your loved one as a parallel being. At absolutely no moment do you lose your  identity, while you follow every physical, emotional and intellectual movement of your loved one.
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