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A relative problem

Look at frigidity always as a relative problem. A woman who does not get ‘sexually excited’, can have a problem with herself, with her specific partner(s), with certain situations, with a culture in which she needs to ‘perform’, etc. She can also have no problem at all, but being brought to the diagnosis of ‘frigidity’ by others. In the worst case, even by a doctor.

What is health and what is illness

Before you treat it as a problem, you have to ask yourself the question: what is health and what is illness? Do I in fact want to look at my condition as a problem? Do I have a personal need for it or do I eventually feel forced by others?

Letting yourself go in a well doing sexual arousal

This indication is specifically focused upon letting oneself enter a well doing sexual arousal and orgasm. It therefore has a very specific intention. Of course, this narrowly coincides with a more general perception of sexuality. For this, you are referred to the concerned indication.

The choice lies with you

Once again: frigidity is a relative problem. You alone have the right to final appraisal about whether working on this is necessary or not. If you decide that it is, then this indication can certainly help you. If you have a loving partner, then it certainly also deserves recommendation to speak with this partner about your new experiences.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Letting yourself sink into an openness
    In your imagination you see, or rather you feel, a special kind of 'openness' to which you can easily go. Only if you are ready for it, you let yourself sink into that openness, which immediately feels good and sexual.
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  • From here to there - without the obstacles
    You wish to go from one place to another (sexually relevant) place, but there are clear obstacles in the way. By purely wishing it, you all of a sudden are beyond the obstacles without them bothering you.
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  • The eyes of someone else accompany you to elsewhere
    In your imagination you look deeply within the eyes of someone else, perhaps  your partner. While you both continue looking in each others eyes, you sense that you automatically go to another place and feelings of intense sexual arousal come over you.
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  • Your body becomes another body
    You are lying on a large flat rock in a rocky landscape. You feel that your body changes while nevertheless it retains the same appearance. Certain sexual reactions however, are clearly different.
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  • Relaxation becomes possibility for sexual arousal
    Tension disappears from your body and deep relaxation comes instead. At the same time, you also feel the possibility of sexual arousal reach your body. Each time you repeat this, a part of it remains.
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