Finding your own morality

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Only you eventually decide

You can regard the concept of ‘morality’ in infinite ways. Does it have to come from an authority or does everyone have to rationally determine for himself what is ‘morally justified’ and what not? This indication does not give an answer to that question. An appraisal of what is good or bad, is not the subject of these sessions. Only you eventually decide about the foundation of your own morality.

Own choice

However you twist it, there is always an aspect of ‘own choice’ to morality. Even if you yourself do not want to decide what is ‘good or bad’ according to you, you still choose whether it’s good (for you) to keep at it or not.

An aid with moral self knowledge

The aim of this is to offer you an aid in determining what is ethically important to you. It is an aid to moral self-knowledge. You are standing more on one line with yourself and thus diminish or avoid inner moral chaos. Especially this standing on one moral line with yourself, has to come entirely from yourself. Even if you prefer to grant the last word about this to an authority, the actual choice still needs to be yours. At least through this, your morality becomes more your own decision instead of it assaulting you and making you feel very ‘bad’.

An aid at developing your own morality

In the case that you want to base your ethics upon your own foundations, it becomes important to have  good contact with these foundations. You then need good points of support. Otherwise, you are in danger of being manipulated by others in a regrettable way. With this indication, you can (at your own choice) reinforce the contact with your own moral grounds. That assumes of course, that you complete a great deal of work on your side.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagining yourself in several decisions
    You place 'perhaps better' and 'perhaps less good' decisions beside each other. You imagine yourself  living with the consequences of both, concerning yourself as well as others.
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  • With the 'urge towards the bad' to the most beautiful spot
    If you feel within yourself, against your own will, an urge to do what you yourself find 'morally bad', then you take this urge and  place it at the most beautiful spot in the world. You simply take notice of what happens with this urge.
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  • 'Self distilling' in a retort of good and bad
    You let yourself distill in a 'magical retort '. The bad disappears from you but only in the sense that it doesn't make you weaker. The good enters you but only in the sense that it makes you stronger. The result is a renewed and morally powerful 'I'.
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  • Your 'good-angel' and 'bad-angel' have a sociable chat
    In your imagination, the good-inside-you and the bad-inside-you are two angels who can sociably talk with each other and understand each other very well. Their conversations lead to surprising insights for themselves and you.
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  • The ethical labyrinth
    You imagine yourself in a very special labyrinth. At each choice of passageway you feel more or less attracted to the good direction if you are open to it. This is the direction towards the exit and what is 'morally good' for you.
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