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Physical causes

There are clearly physical causes for epilepsy. In these cases AURELIS is certainly no alternative for any other kind of treatment. Of course, in these cases the physical cause should be treated first. The role of AURELIS is then limited to a possible additional symptom reduction.

Often uncertainty about combination of causes

In many cases, however it is not so clear whether the main cause is physical or not. In even more cases, the psyche plays at least a limited role. This also becomes apparent in the history of the scientific study of epilepsy. One can see in this a pendular movement between thinking about it as a rather neurological phenomenon and as a rather psychological phenomenon. For many people, inner tension certainly plays a clear role as a provoking factor for an attack. The case is then one of an increasing inner tension that is suddenly ventilated through an attack. Afterwards, a tension builds itself up again.

Less medication, heightened comfort

In a number of cases, the need for medication can be reduced by hypnotherapy. Autohypnosis is applied for this too. With this AURELIS indication, you can now apply autosuggestion in a keen form in order to need less medication and achieve a better comfort of life. Self-reliance is in general also strongly enhanced through this. For someone with epilepsy, general relaxation is always very important too.

Preventively or at the beginning of an attack

Relaxation and autosuggestion can reduce the frequency of attacks. Moreover, autosuggestion is also effective when an attack has already started (at the aura). You can for instance work with the beginning of an attack as ‘signal’ to prevent a complete attack. Then you need to already know these techniques by practicing with them beforehand.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You slide ahead on one pure tone
    There are no highs and lows in your direct evolution. You simply slide further ahead on one line. An extremely pure tone in your imagination helps you with this.
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  • You get rid of tension towards an attack in other ways
    You find mental valves that help you  reduce inner tension, so there is less chance to reach the stage of a large attack.
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  • Spreading out the energy of an attack
    In your imagination, you pull the energy from an attack and use it to continuously live on a somewhat higher energy level. Your life becomes one elongated but gentle 'attack'.
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  • Bending over with an attack
    If an attack comes near, you do not put yourself against it. Instead, you accept the attack and you bend with it. The attack has less negative influence upon you after this and may even be positive.
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  • Specific possibilities of epileptic brains
    Through the epilepsy, your brain has specific possibilities that are not easy to grasp. They are better equipped to receive and process a special kind of information. With this session you are open to these possibilities.
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Scientific References
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