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Children are very suggestible

They are sensitive to the symbolic content of tales, also suggestive tales. Hence also why fairy tales can have a large influence. It is claimed that children around +/- 7 years of age are even in the most suggestible period of life.

Children are very sensitive for emotions

By day children have a lot of tensions to process. Not only what they experience in their own life, but also the tensions that their parents pile up, and assault the children without their parents consciously wanting this. This is worsened by contradictory emotional signals from both parents or from one of the parents at different moments. Often a tension exists between the parents as a result of which and for which the child feels itself responsible (but without verbally communicating this). This can then be expressed through enuresis.

Toilet-training is an important step

In addition to this, toilet-training is an important step for the child. It is the step away from the world of diapers and a large step to that of the adults. Any subconscious resistance against this can express itself during the night in a primitive way through what by day no longer can or may. It can be a protest against a feeling of obligation and constraint on freedom, exploring the borders of - childlike - freedom, or a call for attention of the self that feels ignored and knows not how to handle this.

Parents better participate

At working with Aurelis, it is very important that the parents participate. For example, by listening together, but also by talking about it afterwards, by discussing the experiences of the child at the level of the child itself. You can then grow together towards the solution and that provides for one large experience that the child carries with itself.

If the child does not believe in fairy tales

As soon as the child no longer believes in the existence of gnomes, one may surely tell the child that the tales have influence through oneself, that one’s own ‘inner strength’ is operative. This does not diminish the effectiveness of it unless maybe if you as a parent are persuaded that it does. In general, children can incorporate such matters even better and more easily than adults.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The bladder as a pillow of a gnome
    "If the bladder becomes full and stretched, the gnome who uses the bladder as a pillow is awakened. He does not like a hard pillow and therefore makes sure that you awaken in order to go to the toilet."
    Play Session
  • Little alarm clocks in the bladder
    "There are little alarm clocks in the bladder that awaken you in time. The sound they make when the need is high, is that of the rustling of a water fall."
    Play Session
  • A little prince who beats a water giant
    "A certain little prince sometimes urinates in bed. A fairy promises him that this will not happen if he beats a water giant and saves the people in part of the kingdom. The prince starts his journey and succeeds (of course) in his endeavour."
    Play Session
  • Your bed is your own dry place in the world
    "You can fight for this place. You can work for it. You use your will power and also your deeper self and then you will certainly succeed."
    Play Session
  • With the hand on the bladder region: a message of cooperation
    "You lay a hand on your bladder region. In this way you can communicate that you want a dry bed. Your bladder can answer what it needs for this to be accomplished."
    Play Session
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