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A large degree of curiosity

People are by nature beings who gladly acquire knowledge. Already in very small children one sees a large degree of curiosity. If this curiosity is given free rein and is also supported in an appropriate way, then it translates itself into a permanent or even always increasing urge towards knowledge, with eventually more and more emphasis on wisdom.

You can contribute much yourself

You can contribute much of yourself to this freedom and support for your own urge to knowledge and wisdom. It remains of course your choice whether you do that or not. If you choose to, then any form of learning can become a source of pleasure. You then find this pleasure both in learning itself and in the expectancy of increased knowledge and the application of it.

Large intelligence and wisdom

It exists: people who remain students lifelong and find a large source of pleasure in this. These are people who, at a later age, give proof of large intelligence and wisdom. They do not have to compel themselves to learn. It comes automatically over them. It needs no further argument that these people are very important in our society, especially in a post-modern age in which human-oriented knowledge and wisdom becomes more important.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Looking ahead towards a life of knowledge
    You learn to look ahead to the pleasures of a life, full of knowledge, and to what you can do with that knowledge.
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  • Looking at acquiring knowledge as a game
    You can always look at studying and acquiring knowledge in general as a game. It is a game with rules that you establish for yourself in order to make it intriguing and interesting.
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  • Bringing to life your challenge and motivation in learning
    'Learning' is always a path full of challenges for yourself and by yourself. With this session you learn to recognise and appreciate these challenges.
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  • Acquiring knowledge transforms your mental landscape to a more beautiful landscape
    With more knowledge, you can also lay more connections. If you allow yourself to be open to this, you can be very creative in it.
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  • For each bit of knowledge you search the most appropriate spot within your own mind
    For each bit of new knowledge there exists a most stable spot in your own mental landscape that has been built on the basis of what you already know. In this deep relaxation you always learn to find this most stable spot.
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