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Soldiers and pre-terminal patients

Many American soldiers were addicted to hard-drugs during the war in Vietnam. It was feared then that, once back in America, this would cause serious problems. These problems largely didn’t show up… Pre-terminal patients sometimes get large amounts of morphine in hospital to relieve their pain. If the pain then diminishes by other factors and those people get administered little or no morphine anymore, a real addiction seldom occurs …

Depending on meaning

In both examples purely on physical grounds one can expect serious phenomena of addiction. But this is not what one sees happening. That’s because an addiction (even in the case of hard drugs) is very dependent on the deeper meanings of the surroundings. Of course there is a serious physical impact. However the suggestive strength of mental embedding is unmistakably large too. A treatment of addiction that properly takes this second aspect into account brings an enormous additional support to the drug addict.

Inner strength to regain freedom

Because of the fact that deeper meanings are so important, an optimum use of inner strength in the treatment of addiction is an aspect that should never be lacking. With AURELIS the drug addict can find within himself and for as long as he wishes and considers necessary a source of inner strength to regain his own freedom. AURELIS can be used together with whatever form of treatment. It is an effective aid in all cases in which the necessary openness is given to the drug addict by his surroundings, his therapist and/or himself for that purpose.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Towards a deep-going experience of your state of addiction
    Through a deeply positive perception of the drug experience itself you can find the strength to see your own life in a meaningful way. You can then grow as a complete person to where you no longer need the drug. Pay attention, however: for this exercise you can surely use a good accompaniment. Otherwise please go about this very carefully.
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  • An ocean between you and the addiction
    You look out over an ocean, in the direction of a region where no addiction is possible. If you are ready for it, a boat appears that takes you to the other side. During this journey you feel the addiction entirely disappear.
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  • Transformation of the addiction into a conversation partner
    In your imagination you can let the addiction come out of yourself so that you are not always directly influenced by it, but you can communicate with it at all times. Eventually your addiction becomes not an 'addiction' anymore, but purely a very interesting fascination.
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  • The drug-free center in yourself that becomes larger
    In yourself, a core exists that becomes larger and in which the addiction no longer exists. This core becomes broader and stronger, without you having to force anything in this. It happens 'spontaneously' because you open yourself to it in this exercise.
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  • Initiation to new freedom in a sweat tent
    Imagination: you translocate yourself in space and time to a spot where people who want to change, each in a certain way, come together inside a tent. It's an environment in which distinct freedom, respect and reciprocal support are dominant. In this tent you get the feeling that you can sweat out your own addiction.
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