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Inner strength coming to life

‘Zest for living’ is inner strength come to life. The last 2 characters of AURELIS stand for ‘inner strength’. Getting to this and using this is the aim of the whole AURELIS project.

Real zest for living starts from deep within

Although real zest for living can be entirely focused on outside, it always starts from deep within. Someone with a zest for living sometimes seems to glow by a light that shines from within. Someone like this can be very calm, or rather very vigorous, but at the same nevertheless ‘relaxed’ in a deeper sense of the word. 

A never ceasing source of life energy

Do not confuse zest for living with nervousness, which can also give an impression of ‘much life’. The origin of this, however lies in tensions and stress. The energy in such a case comes rather from the periphery than from the center of the personality. A nervous person is not ‘relaxed’. With real zest for living this is different. The energy in this case does not originate from tensions, but from a never-ceasing source of life energy in the center of yourself. This source is really magical: inexhaustible, infinitely large.

An aid for your search

You can only find and use this source yourself. Nobody can do that for you. Neither can AURELIS. This is, however very much an instrument that can help you in your search. It is like a compass that can indicate the way, like a key with which you can open doors. You do all the rest.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A flower that opens itself- full of zest for living
    Vital juice that arises in the stem, pushes a flower to open itself in your imagination. In this open flower, much vitality is immediately apparent.
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  • You descend into a source and find there your own source of vitality
    You descend in a 'magical' way into a water source. Deep within that source you find another source. One way or the other, you strongly feel that this is linked to your energy. You then discover something very special.
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  • Your body becomes a shining crystal
    In your imagination, you get a body of crystal. This body is at the same time very hard and flexible. It is as if within the crystal a glow is present that never diminishes.
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  • Meeting the goddess of vitality
    You meet, probably somewhere in nature, a very beautiful woman. Her smile immediately fills you with a vitality that cannot be described with words.
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  • A vibrating dance with yourself
    In this relaxation, you prepare yourself to fully enjoy dancing and to loose your vitality throughout your body and mind. You already enjoy it now.
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