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A living relationship

A relationship is like a living being in itself. In order to keep this living, both partners have to put time and energy into it constantly. If this does not happen, then the relationship dies and only the living-apart-together remains.

Deeply fed relationship becomes strong and rich

If a relationship is deeply fed, then it becomes strong and rich. The partners themselves, too become stronger and richer. This can concern a lifelong relationship, but also a brief one. There are no rules involved in this, and certainly no judgment.


This AURELIS application is not meant to ‘save’ a relationship if the need is big. Both partners need to choose in the first place whether they want to preserve a certain relationship. If this choice is made, then you can discover new fields, new strength in your relationship by being open to your own and to each other's inner strength.

Each time entirely different

Each relationship again is very different. A comparison with other relationships is evidently not the best starting point. A good relationship, namely one in which both partners fare well as complete individuals, needs no comparison.

Finishing a beautiful period

Only bad relationships know a bad end. The end of a good relationship is the conclusion of a beautiful period and the beginning of something new in which the value and life of the past relationship appears again in another shape and with new possibilities for growth. Therefore, a good relationship actually never ‘dies’.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Powerful unity gives extra energy
    Through this sense of unity with each other you get a new feeling of energy.
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  • The feeling of unity without losing yourself
    Without losing your individual character, you gain a feeling of unity. This feeling is strongly present during your time together, but also apart from it.
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  • Reacting with sensitivity to touching each other
    Simply touching each other has a new dimension. Each contact fades out in waves that go through your whole body.
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  • Two butterflies fluttering as if constantly falling towards each other
    You and your partner are 2 butterflies dancing around each other in the air, always just avoiding each other. For this, you have to be continuously and strongly focused on the other.
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  • A link that is always present
    A special connection with which you are always linked to each other is almost tangibly present.
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