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Deep motivation comes from the deeper self

Deep motivation, in fact the only motivation that makes a difference, can only come from your deeper self. In fact, it is almost equal to the general orientation of your deeper self. The direction of your deeper self is eventually the direction of who you are. If this orientation clearly points in one direction, you are motivated in that direction. Then you can also spend a huge amount of energy in that direction without this energy drying up, because actually you get more and more energy in return. Deep motivation is a bottomless source.

Recognizable, however not necessarily having a name

A deep motivation is not necessarily conscious. It ‘lives’ in a part of you in which unnameable things are often very important. You can, however, know it in the sense of strongly sensing where it’s going. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to be able to place your deep motivations in a list on paper. On the contrary, that can give you the idea that you know them, while it actually has little to do with it. If you think of taking them into account, then that actually isn’t the case at all.

Letting your deep motivations come to life

Letting your own deep motivations come to life, is very important for your well-being and for the further course of your life. Learning to know them and further deepening them, converges at a deep level in the sense that a good communication with your deeper self automatically leads to action by it.

Deep self knowledge

Knowing your deep motivations, is a very important aspect of self knowledge and general ‘wisdom’. It also enables you to better understand others. If you can live in conformity with your own deep motivation, you are ‘automatically’ happier. You are more yourself. You lead the life that corresponds with who you are. You find in your own life the challenges and pleasures that belong to you.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Looking into the future: within some years
    In your imagination you progress to years ahead and examine where you would want to be at that moment. What is very important to you at this time?
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  • Looking into the future: towards end of life
    You are in your imagination at the end of a well filled life and you look back. What has been really enormously worth it for you? How could you have motivated yourself more?
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  • In search of motivation behind motivation behind motivation
    In deep relaxation you can spontaneously let more underlying motivations come to light. These are not necessarily identifiable motivations. You enter your own motivations as detailed as you like.
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  • Making your deep motivations more alive
    You take a motivation and  search for a situation in which you sense its effect as vividly as possible. Through this, the motivation itself automatically becomes more alive.
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  • The mirror of self knowledge
    You look in a mirror and you see in the first place simply yourself. Then the mirror seems more like a water surface with many little waves. If the water surface is quiet again, you see your own deep motivation in one form or another.
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