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Sales always have less rational elements too

A sale has very rational elements, but also less rational elements and this both on the side of the salesman and that of the purchaser. In the human decision process (therefore also in the case of a buying decision) subconscious factors often appear to play a much larger role than the factors that are consciously involved. To take this into account, you have to take part in the game such as it occurs in reality. That demands audacity to look further than what at first sight seems plausible. What is plausible in this field today, may not be so tomorrow.

Getting to know yourself and the customers better

With these AURELIS exercises, a salesman gets the chance to get to know himself and his customers better and to sharpen his most important skills in the selling process. As a matter of fact, probably somewhat idealistically to many, I see a ‘good sale’ as an optimum win-win to all people concerned. A customer is helped if he buys something through which he really becomes better off. There are ways to become rich more rapidly as a salesman and you can use AURELIS as well for that purpose. However it’s my opinion that with a high morality in your job you have the best chance of becoming rich, both in your wallet and in your heart.

Innate qualities of a good salesperson

A good salesperson seems to have ‘innate qualities’. In fact we all have these, but it comes down to reaching them and then also being able to use them. AURELIS gives you the possibility to enter yourself in a totally non-threatening way and to kindle within yourself these qualities that are ‘innate’ to a good salesperson.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The very annoying customer
    You enter into a real experience with an annoying customer. You learn to let go of a one-dimensional perspective of yourself in this regard. In place of this, you have more possibilities to search for solutions from several points of view. Those solutions come from inside you and therefore are spontaneous and satisfactory.
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  • The goal that attracts you
    To deal with customers in a successful manner, it's pertinent that you gain the motivation to do so from within yourself. With this exercise, you learn to find your own motivations and concrete sources of energy for customer relations.
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  • Under the skin of the client
    A good salesperson has to know what happens in the head of the customer. By means of concrete examples (that you choose), learn how customers can react in the sales situations you create. This allows you to better anticipate their thoughts and actions.
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  • Visualization of yourself as a top salesperson
    In your imagination you transport yourself into a top salesperson whom you admire because of his / her capacities. You still feel like yourself, but furthermore you react just like that person making his / her capacities your own.
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  • Repeating a non-sale with correction
    A negative experience can - sometimes even at a purely subconscious level - create the self fulfilling expectation of a pending setback. Through returning in your imagination in an appropriate way towards the negative experience and transforming this into a positive sale, you put your own deeper self into a more positive direction.
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