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Important for everyone

Creative visualisation is certainly interesting to artists. But actually it is important to everyone. For instance: in search of a solution for a problem, or in an attempt to be able to imagine the future if one takes this or that decision now. Both in business life and elsewhere a talent for creative visualisation is interesting because it’s a way of drawing success towards you.

No innate talent

It often seems an innate talent, but that is not the case. Having brains is sufficient. The reason why it can be difficult to be learned without aid, is that you need the collaboration of your subconscious, deeper self. This is an immensely large associative network, of which the possibilities have been generally unexplored. In other words: you can use your own mind much more efficiently than you think and this especially in a ‘parallel’ domain such as creative visualisation.

An instrument to increase your potential

With AURELIS you have an instrument to increase this potential within yourself. Relaxation and concentration are already powerful elements in this. AURELIS however goes much further. You are effectively helped to use your deeper mind in the most creative way. An additional advantage: this is not at all tiring. On the contrary, your mind progressively reaches a state of stable relaxation that is at least as invigorating as a normal sleep.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Looking at an object and then visualising it
    You choose an object. You look at it, palpate it. Then you close your eyes and you try to recall details as much as possible.
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  • Looking at a face and then visualising it
    Think of a face that you just intensely examined in reality or from a photograph, then try to visualise it as well as possible.
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  • Visualising an event of today
    Try to remember a recent event. See it again as concretely as possible and also feel it.
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  • Visualise your work of art
    Do this session only after having practised with previous sessions of this indication. Visualise a new work of art that you could make if you had the technical skills to do so. Let the subject automatically rise from within you.
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  • While visualising you follow what arises by itself from within you
    With this session you follow whatever images form inside you. Everything is okay as long as it concurs with what you find morally good.
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