Creative blockade

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Getting inspiration is not a conscious decision

Each artist or scientist knows that inspiration is something you do not control just like that. You cannot consciously decide to have much inspiration. You can only be open to it and let it come over you. It can then seem as if from outside the ‘Muse’ is coming to visit you ... or precisely not. In reality, everything happens deeply within. Your brain makes patterns and always again new patterns, with things that are brought together in other ways to form pictures, sound or text.

Not breaking through a creative blockade

Real creation is therefore mainly a subconscious process. You can thus not consciously break through a creative blockade by wanting it. The more effort you do to break through the blockade with a purely conscious battering ram, the more difficult it is. However, as serious as it can be, the only real solution of it lies within yourself. It is therefore very important that you admonish your own deeper self to ‘perform’. That is not possible by forcing or obliging it. What you need, is an invitation on a friendly sheet, a good way of autosuggestion. If you tackle that well, success is guaranteed. This indication is a thoroughly developed support that you can use alone or together with other measures.

AURELIS is there for everyone

This indication has been developed in such a way that everyone can benefit somehow. For an artist, a creative blockade can be very serious. Also, if you spend some of your free time in creating whatever, you can have periods that the inspiration stays away or you can simply have the wish to obtain somewhat more inspiration from within yourself. Whatever creative intention you have, a good communication with your deeper self can perform miracles.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A meeting with your 'Muse'
    Somewhere on a spot far from here and as in a kind of mist, you meet your 'Muse'. You don't have to talk - this is all about feelings. This immediacy already starts a new creative flow within you.
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  • A visit to a city from antiquity
    You are staying in a very strange ancient city. You are in two ages at the same time: the age of now and the age in which this city strongly thrived. You continuously feel that this inspires you in some way.
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  • In your own mind in search of the blockade
    In your imagination you enter your own mind. You have a special gas with you that you can spout anywhere, where a blockade is present, as a result of which this blockade is automatically solved.
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  • Moving your attention until your creativity bursts out
    You constantly move your attention from concept to concept. While doing this, you sense when your creativity is addressed and then you enter deeper into your creativity.
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  • Creation from your youth: playing with building blocks
    You return to your youth. You have or receive a beautiful box of building blocks with which you can infinitely make new things. You sense that this creation also helps in your creations as an adult.
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