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Crime or no crime?

It is possible that you don’t consider your past action as a crime, but that others do. It is also culturally dependant. Some actions that are okayin one culture, are a crime in another culture. I think for instance of several interpretations from organized religions. This AURELIS domain pre-supposes that you see your past action(s) as criminal. That is your interpretation. Concerning this, you best see the term ‘crime’ as neutral from the AURELIS standpoint. In other words: there is in these sessions at pronouncing the word ‘crime’ no implication of guilt.

Therefore: beyond ‘crime’

Thus, you have committed an action that you yourself see as a crime. This AURELIS domain can help you to get deeper within yourself a feeling about what this means to you. The intention is to go on with your life as well as possible. You are not indefinitely and for always a ‘criminal’. Your experiences before, during and after the crime are to you in hindsight even interesting to better learn to know yourself. To the extent that you can now go through this, you can emerge at the other hand as another person. Some discipline is needed for this (in doing the sessions). It is however, not a fight against yourself. On the contrary. It is a fight for yourself, to be able to realize yourself as well as possible. The (in the eyes of some perhaps somewhat idealistically put) aim is to get beyond the crime as a crime as well as possible, so that the past action can positively push you into the direction that you prefer now.

Other indications

You can also take a look at ‘Relieving feelings of guilt’, ‘Making a life choice’, New turn in your life’ and ‘Finding your own morality’. There is as little overlap as possible with the current domain.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Towards the time before the crime
    You imagine yourself before the crime (hours, days, possibly weeks). Would you commit this crime again? How could you best stop yourself from repeating it? You go over this a few times  in the session.
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  • Don't see yourself as a 'criminal'
    'Criminal' is someone who is always guilty and who, because of ever having committed a crime, is always close to committing a new crime. As if there is a border that you would have crossed for once and for always. In this session, you learn to be clearly at the non-criminal side of the border again.
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  • From your childhood: how did you come to this action?
    You look at your own youth from your earliest childhood. With your childlike eyes, you look ahead to your committing this crime. It is not the intention to search for causes in your youth, but for starting points towards a better self understanding.
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  • Remorse towards yourself
    Remorse doesn't serve to diminish debt; it is not an 'instrument of absolution'. Very much on the contrary! Beyond the instrumental, remorse gets a real value however, REAL remorse is a fire that hurts and heals.
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  • Remorse towards the victim
    Remorse is important both towards oneself (see previous session) and towards the victim. People to whom something wrong has been done, often indicate this. Fake remorse is  like putting oil on fire. REAL remorse is healing for the victim.
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