Chronic eczema

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The skin as ‘mirror of the soul’

From ancient times on, the skin has always been seen as the ‘mirror of the soul’. Think for instance of blushing as a reaction to an emotional event, becoming pale as a result of fear or the goose pimples that you may get when listening to a very unpleasant story. Chronic influences are also frequent. For instance, people with a chronic depression get skin problems more frequently than others.

Influence of stress

To many people with eczema it is clear that too much stress in general has a negative influence on skin complaints. In scientific research this influence becomes clearer and clearer, the deeper investigators delve into the phenomenon ‘stress’ and its different forms.

Emotional organ

From a physical point of view, it is logical that the skin is an emotionally significant organ. Structurally, it is very close to the nervous system. From an embryological viewpoint, it even originates from the same tissue. As an organ of defense, the skin works in close cooperation with the immune system, that according to modern research also reacts strongly to mental influences.

Medication doesn’t cure

There is no medication that can cure eczema. Cortisone ointments do alleviate the symptoms, but they do not cure. Besides this, they have a lot of known and frequently serious side effects, certainly when used for a prolonged period of time. So it is very important that you take the alternatives into consideration.


With AURELIS you have the possibility to work on your eczema from inside out. You can look at eczema as a ‘message from your deeper self’. The communication with your deeper self is much more open with the aid of AURELIS techniques. In doing so, the eczema becomes less necessary. You can even use a technique to heighten the effectiveness of ointments.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Holy washing place
    In your imagination you go to a special place where an intense atmosphere of acceptance and protection is present. As gratitude for your presence, you receive special towels and healing oil that you can use to diminish your eczema in a 'magical' way.
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  • The certainty that it will diminish
    You build up the conviction that your eczema will slowly but surely diminish. This conviction is not self-deception, but a way to communicate with your deeper self, a combination of 'hope' and 'belief' in a future that will be free of eczema.
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  • Heightening the placebo of an ointment
    Medication ALWAYS has a higher effectiveness (without more side effects!) if you orient yourself mentally in a positive way towards its effect. You can compare this with a placebo effect, but one in which you have complete control. You can attain this advantage through this exercise.
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  • The mirror without eczema
    Imagination: you look into a special mirror that shows your skin as you imagine it. You see your skin becoming smoother and appearing nice. The skin in the mirror is then projected back to you - a complete person ready for this change.
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  • Eczema doesn't stop at the skin on its way outside
    You can see the eczema for what it is: the result of an internal barrier against tensions residing in your inner self. By taking away this barrier and granting free passage to these tensions, the eczema diminishes.
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