Chronic bladder irritation

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Cause generally unknown

Most cases of chronic bladder irritation have an unknown cause. Throughout the years however science finds more and more indications that the psyche plays a large role in this symptom.

General distress makes irritable

The bladder wall has many little nerves. If these nerves become irritable by general distress (at a conscious or a subconscious level), then a small irritation that otherwise passes unnoticed will provoke much nuisance.

Avoid medical ‘shopping

With this symptom you run a high risk of becoming involved in medical ‘shopping’, with repeated physical examinations and several kinds of treatment, by doctors, psychotherapists and alternative healers. Now that you have arrived at AURELIS, one thing is very much advised: be very serious in this before you start. This means: be certain for yourself that you will use AURELIS regularly and sufficiently long (at least 2 weeks daily, afterwards according to your own sense). You also have to be open to the effect, that in fact effectively comes from yourself. If you actively resist through an inner conviction that this ‘is not possible anyhow’, you close the door to yourself.

AURELIS is very different

AURELIS is VERY different from what you encounter almost anywhere else. Therefore browse around on the website and especially assess whether you can completely stand behind the ideas. Only then start a series of sessions. Prepare yourself to a result that feels as if it entirely happens automatically. And actually that is also the case. What comes from deeply within yourself, is entirely spontaneous, ‘automatic’. This process is even no ‘healing’ in the strict sense of the word. It’s a change of yourself, a ‘growth’ to where the chronic bladder irritation is no longer necessary and disappears.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A stream of water through your bladder, washing away the irritation
    You imagine that one way or the other much water flows through your bladder. This washes away irritation and makes your bladder very clean.
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  • Stress resistant nerves around your bladder
    You get local nerves that are strong. They are not insensitive but gently resists stress.
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  • Converting irritation into warmth
    You allow the irritation to turn itself into a feeling of warmth that powerfully softens the region in and around your bladder.
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  • First feeling your bladder more and then letting the feeling go
    Try to feel your irritated bladder as much as possible, without feeling more pain than is necessary. At the same time you are open to letting this feeling go if the time has come.
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  • No longer using your bladder as a lightning protector of stress
    With this session you can search for another lightning protector. This can be another organ or something external. With the more 'acceptance' you change your lightning protector, the less the lightning preserves a negative effect.
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Scientific References
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