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General orientation to healing

With this indication, a general orientation of mind and body to healing is promoted. With this is meant an increase of general well-being and a promotion of the physical healing process. Of course, pain for example remains a large problem with burns. For this, you can use that specific indication. There are no specific overlaps.

Influence of meanings and feelings

It is known that negative stress has a negative influence on the healing process of wounds in general and also more specifically of burns. This influence of distress is not only straightforward like when only the influence of some hormones would be important. The influence is much wider and more complex, by means of a whole of meanings, frustrations, feelings of guilt, aggressive feelings, rebelliousness, feeling oneself ruled out, etc. Exactly because of the complexity of these influences it is difficult to consciously intervene in this, but the way to the deeper self lies all the more open.

Take individuality into account

It has to be said that each person with burns is of course different and reacts differently, especially at this level of meaning. These large individual differences have been taken into account in this indication. The sessions are like a general direction that everyone translates to his own situation.

Possible mind-body connections

Possible mind-body connections for the promotion of healing are among others: an influence on local blood flow, an influence on inflammation, an influence by means of all kinds of hormones on the healing of the skin. Of course, you don’t have to know this to let the sessions be effective.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A thick layer of 'mental ointment' over your burns
    You imagine that over your damaged skin lies a thick layer of special ointment. This is the best ointment that exists to feel better and to heal more effectively. This mental ointment is your present to yourself.
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  • On holiday while your body quickly heals
    You go on holiday in your imagination. Through this you can leave your body behind in a totally relaxed state. Absolutely no tension delays the healing process, everything goes well.
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  • Each cell of your skin gets from within much healing energy
    Each cell of your skin gets healing energy sent to it from within. This feels refreshing, perhaps as a light fresh breeze that comes over your skin from inside.
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  • You ask and get 'healing love' from the universe
    You reach deep within and you uncover a request for a special kind of 'healing love'. This question is understood by the whole universe and you receive love and energy as an answer.
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  • Visualisation of healthy, healed skin
    In your imagination you already have healthy, healed skin. You do not visualize this just like that. During this session, you imagine yourself  deeply. The healing becomes a 'conviction' that cannot lead to frustration.
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Scientific References
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