Autism (child)

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Many factors

Autism is a term covering many things. A distinction must be made with deep shyness, although the borders are not sharp. Also between cultures there are differences in regard to what is meant with the term 'autism'. What is clearly considered to be autistic in one culture, for another culture largely lies within the limits of what's normal. Hereditary factors certainly play a role, but one can always ask whether a hereditary influence is direct or indirect. Whether mental factors also play a causal role, is unimportant for these sessions.

A gentle invitation

With this indication the child is directly addressed in the special, very gentle AURELIS-way. Absolutely no attempt is made to force the child out of its isolation. In place of this there is a gentle invitation. The inner strength of the child is encouraged. Then, and only if the child is ready for it, it is invited also from deep inside to go to outside and to handle in a good way what it encounters during this. The basic assumption is that it's very important that this process comes from within, moreso because the child is strongly focused on the inner life. A realistic hypothesis (but not really proved) is that an 'autistic' child that learns to handle the world, including itself, in this way, can develop extraordinary capacities to integrate into the internal and external world, both for itself and for others. I.e.: to become a genius in the cultural domain.

Together, separate

It is interesting to listen to the sessions once or several times. Please take into account as an adult that the used language is firstly oriented towards the young child and secondly, is the special language of symbols. Nevertheless, let yourself go along to the degree of what is possible, so that you somehow get an insight in what the child can feel at this. Of course, if the child wants to, you can let the sessions be listened to outside your presence. There is no limit to the frequency of listening to the sessions. If the child itself asks for it, then one can easily say: the more, the better. Finally: the indication 'Your own special place' can also be interesting.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The super-cute teddy bear that is always with you
    In imagination, there is a super-cute teddy bear you always feel being with you. He is not only very gentle, but also very 'strong'. Through his presence you feel stronger. Together, you make a trip during which you learn the world can be trusted this way.
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  • The world gets a place inside you
    You go inside yourself, to search for a magical place that is absolutely safe. At that place, you find a mirror that shows you, only if you wish, what happens around you: in the mirror you see everyone's feelings, wishes and fears.
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  • People around you are at the same time also very sweet young animals
    You think of someone from your surroundings and imagine this person is a very sweet young animal. You notice that you automatically know which cute animal is appropriate for each person. In your mind, you can cuddle the animal. You will be astonished to see how the person himself reacts to this.
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  • Your special faraway-glasses
    Imagine you are waring special glasses. You can make your own glasses out of paper for this session. With these glasses on your nose everything and everyone is further away from your feelings. You can observe well without anything touching you. You can always put the glasses on or off as you desire.
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  • A place of pure light - where everything is OK
    In imagination you go to a special place where you only see a very pure light. Perhaps it is a purely white light. You find it immensely beautiful. When you are here, you are perfectly happy and know that you can always return.
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