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Influence of suggestion on asthma

Asthma has always been regarded as a condition that is strongly under the influence of the mind. This is not different in present-day medicine, even if this aspect gets frequently forgotten or disdained in practical medical management. In experiments under the most strict circumstances a severe and acute attack of asthma can be provoked as well as stopped by the sheer use of suggestion. This is: by making use of the own inner strength of the person himself or herself.

Openness with AURELIS

With AURELIS the gateway to this inner strength is brought to anyone in a most efficient way and in full openness. You can work with it in order to reduce the number and the severity of attacks as well as in order to stop an attack. The latter implies you learning the techniques beforehand. You can then use these techniques in order to stop the frightening experience already at an early stage.

Together with medication

You can perfectly use AURELIS together with medication. If you use both together for some time, it is always advisable to diminish the dosage of your medication only gradually on. An advantage of AURELIS is of course that there are no side effects.

Calling for ‘attention’

Another, according to us much bigger advantage is that with AURELIS you not only heal your body, but also your deeper self. This is very important for a condition such as asthma. The deeper self does not let itself be discarded. You can look at asthma as a form of ‘yelling for attention’ from this domain. If you stop this cry without giving attention to its meaning, then the deeper self just keeps on yelling harder and / or in another way (another symptom or disorder). In other words: it is dangerous to not communicate with your deeper self. AURELIS does not offer in this the only solution, but clearly one that is very serious and well-thought-out.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A walk in a pine wood
    You take a pleasant walk. There are lots of smells that relax you and that make your bronchial tubes open. You enjoy the environment and partly through this you can let all feelings of oppression leave you.
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  • The air that you breathe is your friend
    Imagine that the air you breathe in is your friend who takes care that your airways stay open all the time. This gives you an immense feeling of freedom.
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  • The sea as companion
    The open sea is your friend and companion. It has an enormous power that helps your airways remain open. Waves of relaxation relax the muscles around your bronchial tubes.
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  • Your bronchial tubes follow the flowing of the air
    The air flowing through your bronchial tubes keeps them open and relaxes the small muscles around them. This acts upon the larger and smaller airways.
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  • Your breath becomes the breath of the universe
    The whole universe becomes your helper. The expansion of the universe translates itself into the opening  of your airways. The reverse is also true. By opening your airways, you help the expansion of the universe.
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Scientific References
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