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People have different needs

Not being able to reach an orgasm can make someone very unhappy. In this too, people have the most divergent needs. Each individual has his / her individual character that must be respected. AURELIS is not an instrument that should transform you into the wish dream of someone else, also not of someone else through yourself. Being able to reach an orgasm is not necessary and although for many it means a ‘peak experience’, there are also people who can simply do without.

Men with multiple orgasms

For a man, ‘orgasm’ also means ‘ejaculation’, although this is also dependent on how you use these terms. In principle you can call ‘orgasm’ any sexual peak independent of ejaculation. This makes reaching multiple orgasms possible for men also, not the orgasms with ejaculation, but the more emotional orgasms. Certain cultures (such as can be found in India) even have elevated this to a highly regarded form of sexuality.

An orgasm is always the consequence of autosuggestion

An orgasm does not come just like that by you wishing it. It is always a kind of letting-yourself-go and the consequence of an autosuggestive mental attitude. It is therefore a domain in which you can efficiently use AURELIS. Also because absolutely no medicine solves the problem of anorgasmia, AURELIS is very important in this regard.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Like a fire that suddenly flares up
    You imagine that you are kindling a little fire with dry leaves and brushwood. You are busy for a while and then the fire flares up, while in your thoughts you are at a sexual peak.
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  • You follow your sexual agitation going up and down
    You follow your sexual agitation like a simple wave movement without wanting to immediately intervene. After a while, you can let the variation increase, and then perhaps more and more...
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  • Deeply immersed in an orgasm
    You imagine yourself being deeply immersed in an orgasm. You 'play' it in your imagination. Afterwards you can also 'play' it in reality, with the intention to bring a real orgasm closer to you, if you wish.
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  • An orgasm comes over you just like this deep relaxation
    You feel the orgasm like a sheet coming over you and then going straight through your body. It goes deep within your body and mind. Everything in you becomes orgasm.
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  • An orgasmic experience together with your partner
    You are standing somewhere naked in nature, together with your partner and sexually aroused. Your partner and the surroundings bring you automatically closer to an orgasm, that after a short while comes over you.
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