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Far-reaching links between mind and immune system

A modern branch of medicine is called with an expensive word ‘psychoneuroimmunology’. Here the links are studied between the mind, the nervous system and the immunological system. An allergy is mainly an impairment of this last. Scientists however have already found very far reaching links between the three fields. The door to this AURELIS indication is therefore very much open.

Spontaneous healing

An allergy can suddenly appear and also suddenly disappear. There is a certain percentage of spontaneous healing. With AURELIS we strive for an increase of this percentage of spontaneous healing. You don’t do this by ‘cutting the symptom away’, but by incorporating it within yourself. Through this integration the expression of allergy (the burden from it) is no longer necessary and disappears spontaneously.

A message from within

At the origin of an allergy often lies a form of aggression. The allergy can however continue to exist after the aggression has already long gone. The immune system has a memory that is rather straight-on. Through the use of AURELIS you give the message from within that the aggression and the allergy are no longer necessary. The aggression-free character of AURELIS in general is very important.

Slowly diminishing medication

You do not have to put the use of AURELIS in the place of an anti-allergic treatment through medication. You can perfectly start with a combination and afterwards try to slowly diminish the medication.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Erasing the connection product - response from your memory and replacing it with strength
    You search where the connection is present within your memory and simply wipe it away with a sponge.
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  • Making clear emotional associations concerning the allergy and then letting them go
    You let the feelings that are linked with the allergy freely come to you. If they are clear, you also let them disappear.
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  • You and the object of allergy as parts of one larger unity of healing
    During this session you and your allergy are incorporated into a larger whole. This whole obtains a larger internal unity and through this, you and your allergy form a better relationship with each other.
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  • 'Relaxation' as your best anti-allergic medecine
    You apply relaxation as if it is a well doing material medicine. You can imagine this as an injection, a pill, an inhalation, or an ointment. This can be used both preventively and during an acute attack.
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  • Coolness in the place of an allergic response
    During this session, you already feel a coolness in the place of an allergic response. During an acute allergy attack you can use this feeling of coolness for a faster result.
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Scientific References
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