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Very hard drug

Alcohol is a very heavy drug, both in its physical impact and in the degree in which this addiction can get you in its hold. The treatment of alcoholism is thus extremely difficult. Relapses after detoxification are very frequent.

Instrument that reinforces other resources

AURELIS can not provide a simple solution. This indication is an instrument with which you can seize very deeply within yourself. As is always the case, this can only be part of the solution. It is also only an aid if you use this instrument as it is intented. That is: with sufficient regularity, duration and openness. It is very much advisable not to see this as a replacement of any other aid. It’s always an additional instrument that reinforces other resources, whether these exist in a vast detoxication treatment or an initial serious attempt to tackle the addiction by yourself.

Working on your addiction

Alcoholism is both a physical and a mental addiction. The use of AURELIS is an aid on both areas. A big advantage of AURELIS is that you can work on your addiction before effectively stopping the alcohol consumption. Another advantage is that you can easily feel when your subconscious reacts positively. The urge to drink alcohol simply becomes less.

A non-aggressive fight with yourself

The aggressive fight against the addiction is replaced by AURELIS with a non-aggressive fight with yourself to continue working on your addiction. This fight is positive and leads to a victory over yourself, to be compared with a mountaineer who fights with the mountain (in fact: with himself) and eventually surpasses the mountain (himself).
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You are a mountaineer and surpass yourself
    In your imagination you climb a mountain of alcoholism. You surpass the whole mountain. Each time you do this, you feel yourself a bit stronger in relation to the alcohol problem.
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  • Ritually being reborn as someone who has less or no need for alcohol
    Within a limited time you go through a process of being reborn, in the sense that afterwards you feel different from before. You have acquired a new freedom, from addiction.
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  • An ancient wind that blows the alcoholism from your body
    You imagine yourself on an altitude, with an almost infinite plain in front of you. The wind is blowing from afar right through you and then disappears behind you. By letting this happen, the negative aspects of your alcoholism are distilled out and what remains is only positive.
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  • The 'universal mother' takes care of you
    The 'universal mother' can be your own mother, but this is not necessary. You experience the strong love of this mother figure who continuously assists you towards a life without alcohol.
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  • The light intoxication that prevents the heavy one
    When a light intoxication comes over you, your response is no longer the further 'falling' but on the contrary, you quickly rise again. You learn to find light intoxication sufficient. You no longer have to fall into the extreme.
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