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A world of meanings

Carriers of HIV can live for a long time before developing AIDS. Also without medication, there are big differences in this 'period of latency'. Many studies indicates that the mental state of the person concerned is to a contributor of this: the general stress, but also the whole world of meanings. Especially in this last field however, little thorough aid can be found.


Physiologically, the nervous system (including its world of meanings) and the immune system are very close to each other. Scientific research into the influence of 'meaning' on immune functioning is enormously difficult however, because 'meaning' is scientifically almost not tangible. Also, in an individual case one can therefore never be certain, but if you want to exploit all your chances, it is nevertheless worth it to properly take this into account, because of the seriousness of the problem.

Specific images

There is also an AURELIS indication for infections in general. The difference is that this indication enters more specifically into the state and problems of HIV-infection. Here visualizations have been developed on a cellular level, for symptom reduction and immune strengthening with specific images.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The viruses in your body are kept 'outside the walls'
    You imagine how the viruses are present outside the cells of your body, but they are obstructed from entering. Everywhere they come across firm walls that they cannot pass.
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  • A special vacuum cleaner
    You enter your body with a special vacuum cleaner. This apparatus absorbs all viruses that you encounter, leaving everything behind neat and tidy.
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  • Your immune system always knows how to adapt
    You feel your whole body slightly tingling. This indicates that your immune system is continuously adapting itself to a changing situation, making it even stronger over the course of time and can eventually neutralizing viruses.
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  • You trust the good care of 'something outside you'
    You feel yourself helped and carried by 'something outside you' that you entirely trust. This trust exceeds the certainty that everything at first sight goes well - it is long-term trust.
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  • Visualization of viruses that blow up
    In your imagination, you see the viruses floating around in a light space. Here and there they burst into pieces. Their contents are light and make the space in which the others are floating lighter too. Eventually, this light has a special meaning for you.
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Scientific References
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