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Immune system and psyche

It has been scientifically proven that responses of the immune system are, in a number of cases, effectively under the influence of the psyche. There is no doubt about this. For example, at tuberculosis tests, this has been shown very clearly. As a matter of fact, in this case there is also some ‘foreign tissue’ injected. This lies close to transplantation. Scientific research concerning the influence of ‘the deeper self’ on the further course of transplantations on the other side has not been performed yet . There is probably a future job in this for AURELIS.

From hostile tissue to befriended tissue

This AURELIS domain is especially suited for patients with a transplantation that does not come from the body and therefore is ‘foreign tissue’. This is also purely mental, and not always evident. It is something foreign and at the same time also alive, that enters the own body. It is ‘foreign life within my life’, an unnatural situation. Moreover, the immune system also reacts by nature to foreign substances (antigens) with aggression. Therefore, psyche and immune system each from itself easily react to foreign tissue as to hostile tissue. Moreover, they also work strongly as an entity. These sessions are hopefully a good help in order to transform this enmity into a deep friendship for the rest of life. To this end, the sessions focus symbolically on the mental aspect as well as the immunological aspect, and the synthesis of both.

A few more hints for this indication

In this indication, the terms ‘transplant’ and ‘the new tissue’ are used as synonyms. This indication can also be applied before the actual transplantation. That is also interesting afterwards. In this case, you best imagine that the transplant is already present within your body. The sessions have also been developed with this in mind. But even if there are already serious rejection reactions, you can apply this indication significantly, with the understanding that you then have to look at the rejection reactions as really not the intention. They are the result of an unfortunate mistake. The ideal case is to do these sessions as from some time before up to quite some time after the transplantation itself. Don’t let yourself at the beginning of rejection reactions be deterred from remaining intensively busy with these sessions. Certainly then, do not try to use sessions as a ‘weapon aimed at whatever’.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Learning to accept the new tissue as a friend
    The new tissue is there for your good and you may approach it as a friend. Your immune system transforms this deep message in 'body language'.
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  • Waves of rejection are calming down
    Rejection reactions grow and diminish in waves. In this session, you first go along with these waves, then you let them calm down so their tops blunt and the valleys become deeper.
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  • The host /-hostess looks well after the guest
    As a good host /hostess you look after each guest, greeting them kindly and asking what they need. You invite the guest to remain with you for some take care to create a good environment.
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  • Imagination that the new situation already exists a long time
    Rejection reactions generally diminish with time. In this session, you imagine yourself in a situation in which  quite some time has passed since the transplantation and everything has gone well.
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  • Magical hands take care for a good integration of the new in you
    You lay your own hands on the area of the transplant. You imagine that through a magical irradication of your hands the new tissue gets integrated more rapidly within your body.
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Scientific References
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