Acting energetically

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A big need

'Everything flows'. We live in a time of ongoing changes and the continuous need to ,ake serious decisions. This assumes the possibility to act energetically. One cannot permit oneself to continue dawdling too long for fear of making the wrong decision. Chances do not stay open long and the person who acts energetically knows to seize them.

Strong, not aggressive

It's important to act quickly, but nevertheless, after getting some certainty about whether it is what you wish. Forcing things and pushing them forth aggressively can also turn out wrong. Many issues by nature need the time to grow. Many decisions eventually come best 'automatically' because this a kind of 'deeper wisdom' can appear in the long run. This is absolutely no laxism. On the contrary, in order to be vigorous and at the same time to leave time where necessary, acting energetically is precisely most relevant.

Deciding yourself, while taking others into account

Making decisions yourself does not mean you should not take into account the opinions of others. A real 'leader figure' takes into account the opinions of others and incorporates everything in a decision for which he himself takes the responsibility. The energetic also lies in the pragmatic, in daring to lay all arguments beside each other and weighing the negative and the positive.

Energetic life's choice

If it's about a life choice, you can combine this indication well with 'Making a life's choice'. The indication 'Indecisiveness' also makes a good combination with this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The 'strength' to act energetically grows inside you
    You feel within yourself a certain 'strength' growing spontaneously without being able to easily place that. You feel however, always with much faith that this strength will help you act energetically for the rest of your life.
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  • You progress without dawdling
    In your imagination you 'step' through your further life. You dawdle nowhere. You take matters into consideration just like they occur to you and proceed simply and energetically.
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  • You, the army leader
    You are an army leader of some centuries ago. You know that your men are trusting you andthat many will fall, but  eventually your energetic actions are for the best.
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  • You are entirely ready
    You are still weighing advantages and disadvantages of a concrete decision. At the same time, you know you are always  ready to act at the moment when necessary. You are certain you will act without lingering.
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  • The decision that comes 'automatically'
    Beforehand, you make a short list of arguments for and against a certain decision. You take care that you have this well in your mind. In this session, you let a decision rise within you as much as possible 'automatically' without that you still concretely reflect about the arguments.
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