Sticky thoughts

Purpose: to bring in a very short way (so short that each of them ‘fits on a sticker’) a number of ideas that may be ‘sticky’ in that they linger in the reader’s mind. The stickers are stuck, so to speak, in the mind of the reader.

The content is always mind-related. What is the mind capable of, mainly in the domain of health, wellness and addiction? What is known or not known about it in present-day science? What are existing gaps in materialistic science that can be filled by a mind-explanation?

Controversial domains are not avoided, on the contrary. The ‘stickiness’ (here: unsofisticatedness at the surface) makes more that can be said than otherwise might be acceptable for some. At the same time, I bring them as little things that can not easily be argued against, that are not readily disposed of and therefore are sticky in another sense. I stick to what is rational.

You can download them here in pdf.