Awe -> Terror = Error

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Real awe is a sublime experience. Using ‘awe’ to terrorize people is a huge error.

Awe, wonder, astonishment

through an encounter with the Unspeakable, with Beauty, with Immensity, with Depth…

In every one of these cases, awe has a function:

to humble ego in contact with ‘total self’

which is symbolized through the awesome object or situation. Note that a symbol always, eventually, leads to total self [see: “A Symbol Is Always YOU”].

Real awe should thus be welcomed as a very important emotion.

It’s also a very wholesome emotion.

For instance, remember last time when you felt very much in awe? Chances are great that you also felt very much ‘you’ in that situation. And/or very much as ‘coming home where you actually belong.’ And/or very much at peace with ‘it’: your life, life in general, the universe… These are all very wholesome emotions. At such a time, you breathe sanity.

Awe -> terror = very big error.

Such as terror inspired by a numinous encounter with a wrathful, violent godhead. Or as in ‘Shock and awe terrorism,’ driving an adversary into submission.

It doesn’t make the other into your friend either. Now, the awe->terror person will say that ‘making friends’ is precisely not the goal in such endeavor.

That is stupid.

Making your enemies into your friends is the best thing you can do. It’s in the best interest of everybody, including you… except if you see everything as a zero-sum game. The latter may be true for the status (money, power…) of an ego, but for little else.

In the end, it’s a choice.

My choice is to see in this an indication that such person is in dire need for Real Awe. His ego is running amok, at first within his own house (mind). Ego will not get beautiful through this, nor wide and ‘wild’. It will not become more generous. It will be and remain small and needy and greedy and, well…

Much defense. Little outlook.

In the meantime, the enemy becomes ferocious and vengeful.

He may be ‘awed’ (terrorized) into his place as long as he cannot do otherwise. Such desperation may take generations to dissolve.

He – or his descendants, one way or another – will probably need to be terrorized even more in the future.

Contrary to this, real awe shows how wonderful and important YOU are.

It’s an experience that you should cherish and carry with you. An experience that – if repeated now and then – makes life more worthy.

Indeed, awe is oriented towards something outside, from ego standpoint. At the same time, the orientation goes towards very much inside.

And yes, this tends towards ‘the mystical’.

A mystical experience is by definition one of awe, even when it doesn’t feel so very much at first sight. Ego encounters ‘deeper self’ head-on and humbly lets it be. Ego doesn’t stand in the way.

‘The mystical’ is nothing but what one can encounter a bit further along the road of awesomeness.

OK, well, a lot further maybe. That mainly depends on where you are looking from.

Like the earth evolving around the sun.

Awesome, how the sun gives warmth and you feel it even eight light minutes away (namely: here on earth). What an energy.

Awesome, how you can feel the real relationship between earth and sun especially at sunset or sunrise. How it can change the color of the immense sky. How this all is part of an even wider universe.

Awesome, how some people can be excellent in their performance. [see: “Excellence”]

Awesome. No terror at all. Just awesome. Wow.

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