The Expert Syndrome

January 25, 2022 Cognitive Insights, Unfinished No Comments

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Beyond Neglect or Aggression

Beyond neglect or aggression lies Aurelian friendliness. This is not straightforwardly friendliness toward mere-ego. Aurelian friendliness lies en route to Compassion, basically. The real neglect This concerns the total self. Mere-ego is the main neglecter. Strangely, since mere-ego frequently identifies itself with the total self, it feels neglected, then searches for what/who may do the Read the full article…

Beware of Positive Thinking

This is part of my book Your Mind as Cure – Autosuggestion for Everyone. The movement of positive thinking (if one may call it that) was popularized by Vincent Norman Peale (1898-1993). Peale was a Christian minister and a prolific writer. The Power of Positive Thinking is his most widely read book. It was first Read the full article…

Rewards or Value?

Are people driven more by direct rewards or broader value? Should A.I. be driven rather by one or the other? What about end values? Zero-sum values These are nothing but the sum of individual rewards. For instance, one earns tokens on several timesteps. The eventual zero-sum value is the sum of all tokens earned ― Read the full article…

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